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Glenn's Place

What Now?!

The Gang

Now what the heck is going on?  This needs a caption.  Can you pick a good one?  Send your answer at bottom of page.

Previous bizzare events:

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Ready to clean the dog run.

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  1. "This one's REALLY dead, Jim." 
  2. "I'm givin all I got, I canna give no more."
  3. "Yeah! Right! This looks real."
  4. "Simulation complete. Enter when ready."
  5. "Beam us up Scotty.  Scotty?  Scott...?"
  6. "I've decided to take up ventriliquism Jim."
  7. "I thought this was the Babylon 5 set."
  8. "See.  I told you it was Vegas."
  9. "Body double my ass..." 
  10. (Place your caption here)

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  1. Preparing to clean behind the toilets. 
  2. Liter box duty.
  3. Takin' out the trash.
  4. "I come in peace. Take me to your leader."
  5. "How long has this stuff been in the back of the refrigerator?"
  6. "Help! I've got an itch."
  7. "Now, who wants one of these personal air conditioning units?"
  8. "(Place your caption here)

  1. "Tinker-who?" 
  2. "Look Ma, no...!."
  3. "The istsy-bitsy spider"
  4. "Timing is everything" 
  5. "Where ya goin' guys?  Guys? GUYS!"
  6. "Put me down somewhere!"
  7. "I didn't know global warming affected gravity."
  8. "These new shoes have some spring!"
  9. "Ever feel light-headed?" 
  10. (Place your caption here)

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